OZAWA, Ikumi

   Senior Lecturer

   Japanese Language Programs, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Research Period 2009/04~2012/03
Research Topic Qualitative and Quantitative Research on Teachers' Beliefs: Exploration ofNeeds for Overseas Non-native Japanese-Language Teacher Education
Research Type KAKENHI Research
Research Program Type Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
KAKENHI Grant No. 2152054
Responsibility Research Contributor
Representative Person TSUBONE, Yukari
Details This study attempts to assess nonnative Japanese-language teachers’ (NNT) beliefs to contribute for a better collaboration between NNT and native Japanese-language teachers, and for teacher education for NNT. A series of investigationson teachers' beliefs was conducted in three countries (Thai, Korea and China) by PAC (Personal Attitude Construct) analysis as the method of qualitative research,and by questionnaires as quantitative research. Major findings at this moment are that(1) “ accuracy-oriented ” and “ learner-oriented ” are the nucleus of Thai Japanese-language teachers’ beliefs, and (2)Thai Japanese-language teachers have strong awareness of concerning their learners deeply, giving the first priority to them, and taking learners’ perspective into account.