VOSSE, Wilhelm M.


   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Language English
Publication Date 2012/05
Type Scholarly Book
Title Japan: Public Opinion and the Political Reaction Concerning the Iraq War
Contribution Type Chapter Contribution
Publisher Potomac Books
Responsible for 109-136
Author and coauthor VOSSE, Wilhelm M.
Details Rarely has a foreign policy event spawned such interest in international public opinion as has the Iraq War. What does this war indicate about the extent to which public opinion influences foreign policy leaders? Have leaders’ decisions about participating in the Iraq Coalition reflected the willingness of their citizens to do so? Are leaders of some countries more responsive to public opinion than others?
The editors address these questions using select case studies that explore the extent to which leaders and people in democracies that are capable of participating in the Iraq War Coalition have willingly done so. Each chapter is based on the premise that democracies are most responsive to public opinion and that the wealthiest democracies would be most capable, though not necessarily most willing, to participate in the Iraq War.
ISBN 978-1-59797-492-9