Senior Associate Professor

   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Country PCT国際出願
Application No. US 07/526,573
Date of Application 1990/05/21
Patent No. US5280574 A
Date of Grant 1994/01/18
Patent Applicant Hitachi, Ltd.
Inventor Yoko Mizuta, Keiji Kojima
Patent Title Text document management method adapted for generating plural text documents derived from the same original text document
Details A text documents managing method comprising the steps of subjecting an original document registered beforehand to a first arrangement designated by a user, thereby to generate a first derived document. The first arrangement is registered as a set of derived document information items on the original document. The above steps are repeated in relation to a second arrangement designated for generating a second derived document by the user. The user selects one of the plurality of sets of derived document information items which have been registered in relation to the original document. The original document is subjected again to the arrangement expressed by the selected set of derived document information items, thereby to reproduce the corresponding derived document.