NAGY, Stephen R.

   Senior Associate Professor

   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Date 2015/11/06
Presentation Theme Japan Southeast Asia Security Partnership: An East/Southeast Asian Perspective
Conference Social Science Research InstituteWorkshop“Japan’s New Security Partnerships”
Promoters Social Science Research InstituteInternational Christian University, Dialogue House
Conference Type Domestic
Presentation Type Panelist at Symposium/Workshop (Appointed)
Contribution Type Individual
Invited Invited
Location 5th - 6th November 2015International Christian University, Dialogue House
Researchers and Co-Researchers Stephen Robert NAGY
Details The objective of this paper will be to examine Japan Southeast Asia security partnerships from an “East/Southeast Asian perspective”. In this process, the author will divide Southeast Asian countries into two categories, peripheral-core countries and core-peripheral countries. The author will argue that Japanese-Southeast Asian security partnerships cannot be understood with a blanket formula, rather we must divide ASEAN countries into “peripheral-core” and “core-peripheral” countries that have different security challenges and political-economic relationships vis-a-vis China. This bifurcation in two categories also encompasses the different competitive advantages each grouping has in terms of their position in the regional and global economic chain. It is the combination of these factors that drives and shapes East/Southeast perspectives of Japan Southeast Asia security partnerships.