OZAWA, Ikumi

   Senior Lecturer

   Japanese Language Programs, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Date 2020/05/29
Presentation Theme How COVID-19 crises affect Higher education in Japan: An exploratory research by university instructors
Promoters The Conference Committee of The Psychology of Global Crises
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Contribution Type Collaborative
Location Paris, France
Venue The American University of Paris (virtual conference)
Researchers and Co-Researchers Ikumi Ozawa (International Christian University), Michiko Itou, (Kobe Tokiwa Uniersity), Naoko Yokoyama, (Ritsumeikan University), Kiyoka Shigetoshi (Beika Women's University), and Tatsuya Sato (Ritsumeikan University)
Details How COVID-19 crises affect higher education is one of the global issues (International Higher Education, 2020). Japan is also experiencing school closures and a rapid transition to remote learning as other regions. However, Japanese academia has not argued yet how stakeholders (e.g., faculty, students, parents, organizations accepting apprenticeship practical, high schools, companies, and the Japanese government) have raised attention to these challenges and issues.
Having the background as mentioned above, the presenters conducted an exploratory study on how Japanese universities are experiencing the challenges in COVID-19 crises. The method is as follows: Firstly, the presenters, who are university faculty members, recorded what they felt, observed, interviewed people around them, and what they found in medias such as newspapers and social media.
Then, we analyzed the data by thematic analysis. We want to present an overview of our findings and point out the significance of analyzing this issue from a cultural-psychological perspective.