OZAWA, Ikumi

   Senior Lecturer

   Japanese Language Programs, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Date 2020/11/28
Presentation Theme Evaluation to Encourage Organizational Learning: Based on the Interviews with Members of a Japanese Language Education Program in University
Conference The 21st Conference of The Japan Evaluation Society
Promoters The Japan Evaluation Society
Conference Type Domestic
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Contribution Type Collaborative
Location Online
Venue Zoom
Researchers and Co-Researchers OZAWA, Ikumi & MARUYAMA, Chika
Details Based on the results of interviews with a group of busy faculty members in a Japanese university's Japanese language education department, this presentation reports on how Developmental Evaluation (DE) facilitated organizational learning.
University Japanese language education departments need to adapt to the rapid changes in the development of national policies, the promotion of internationalization of universities, the rapid increase and diversification of learners, and ICT technology advancement. The same is true for the organization in this presentation, which is in its fifth year of implementing DE to enable decision-making utilizing evaluative thinking in a rapidly changing and complex environment. DE not only leads the organization to development but also facilitates the members' organizational learning. We found instructors and staff considered that DE deepens their understanding of the program and makes the necessary decisions properly. They also believe that participation in DE strengthens their professional skills as Japanese language teachers.