VOSSE, Wilhelm M.


   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Date 2021/07/12
Presentation Theme EU-Japan Cooperation in Cybersecurity and Internet Governance: The new focus on the Indo-Pacific
Conference International Political Science Association World Congress
Promoters International Political Science Association (IPSA)
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Panelist at Symposium/Workshop (Appointed)
Contribution Type Individual
Venue Portugal
Details In the last two decades, cyberspace has become a contentious space. On the one hand, there has been a significant increase of severe cyber attacks on critical information infrastructure (CII), which has made highly industrialized countries much more vulnerable, while broadening the attack vector of countries, that so far only had limited military capabilities. On the other hand, internet governance has become a contested area of policy-making between countries which advocate a free and open internet versus those who advocate internet sovereignty. Since 2019, Japan and Europe have intensified their strategic cooperation with the EU-Japan SPA, and the protection of the free and open internet and a shared concern for the growing influence of US and Chinese tech giants were a trigger for their first initiative on connectivity. This paper argues that the focus of the still nascent Indo-Pacific “security order” should be extended from traditional, predominantly maritime, security concerns to include information and digital security. This reflects the growing awareness that the European and Asian, but also the Indo-Pacific security order is potentially undermined by information technology and an AI duopoly, and attempts to broaden the concept “security order” to “cyber security order” to defend and extend the liberal order through cooperation with Indian and Asian partners through investment, technology exchange, and capacity building.
URL for researchmap https://wc2021.ipsa.org/wc/panel/japanese-external-relations-outside-east-asia