OZAWA, Ikumi

   Senior Lecturer

   Japanese Language Programs, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Date 2021/03/29
Title Running a Facebook group for higher educators in Japan coping with COVID-19: An internal evaluator’s view
Conference Learning as you go: Becoming part of the solution as a Blue Marble Evaluator navigating the pandemic
Promoters The Blue Marble Evaluation
Location Online
Conference Type Other
Lecture Type Other
Contribution Type Collaborative
Researchers and Co-Researchers Keiko KUJI-SHIKATANI (Presenter), Wendy ROWE (Assistant), Akihiko HASHIMOTO (Case reporter), Chika MARUYAMA(Case reporter), Ikumi OZAWA(Case reporter), Megan BORNER(Case reporter), Andrealisa BELZER(Case reporter), and Tessa JIOURDAIN(Case reporter).
Details I gave a short report on a case of internal evaluation as one of the examples the below webinar focuses on:

What are we learning in this pandemic? We are seeing that individuals matter: individual actions have reverberating consequences. We are also seeing that systems matter: how systems act to address the pandemic and protect peoples have dire consequences for the individuals that live in society and for the rest of us around the blue marble. Various levels of governments are by far the largest stakeholders in transformative engagements as systems where the public service, GUIDEd by principles of democracy, respect for peoples, integrity, and stewardship are entrusted to serve the people and navigate us through the pandemic.