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  UETA, Takako
   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
1. 〔Doctoral course〕, International Relations, Graduate School, Division of International Relations, Tsuda College, Completed,
■ Professional Background
1. 2008/07~2011/03 Ambassador, Deputy Chief of the Mission of Japan to the EU
2. 2002/05~2002/06 Visitting Professor, IEE, ULB
■ Present Specialized Fields
Area studies, International relations (Key Word:International Security CSBM EU OSCE NATO) 
■ Books and Articles
1. Book Towards an EU Global Strategy- Consulting the Experts (Collaboration) 2016/03 Link
2. Book Developing EU-Japan Relations in a Changing Regional Context: A Focus on Security, Law and Policies (in press) (Collaboration) 2016
3. Book The OSCE Asian Partnership for Co-operation, Reflections and Perspectives (Collaboration) 2015/11 Link
4. Book Japan-European Union:A Strategic Partnership in the Making (Studia Diplomatica) Vol.LX,2007, No.4 (Collaboration) 2008/07
5. Book European Union and Asia: A Dialogue on Regionalism and Interregional Cooperatio (Collaboration) 2008
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■ Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2016/09/03 Opening remarks(Welcome words), Introductory remarks(Session two: Cooperation in Hybrid Threats in View of the EU Global Strategy) (19th Japan EU Conference)
2. 2016/07/05 The Cooperation between NAPCI and OSCE to Further Multilateral Cooperation in Norheast Asia (2016 Korea-OSCE Joint Seminar on Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative(NAPCI))
3. 2016/03/09 Principal aspects of regional cooperation between EU NATO and Japan with "third countries" (The Role of EU and NATO for Japan's Security)
4. 2015/06/03 Discussant: Development of region-specific CBMs for prevention of maritime and air conflicts and future direction for security cooperation in Northeast Asia (Truck 2 Dialogue on Sharing Experiences with OSCE in Confidence Building Measres)
5. 2015/06/01 Evolving Threats and their Implications for Security in Europe and Asia (2015 OSCE Asia Conference)
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■ Lectures
1. 2014/11 Worthwhile Frameworks for Multilateral Risk Reduction Mechanisms in Asia and the Pacific
2. 2013/05 The Current Security Situation in East Asia and the Role of EU (Vienna Dipomatic Academy)
3. 2013/04 Japan, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe (University of Vienna)
4. 2012/10 Challenges and Opportunities of the EU Policy toward Asia and the Pacific (European University Institute, Florence)
5. 2012/01 Introductory remarks: Intoroduction to EU-Japan Cooperation on Disaster Prevention (Delegation of the European Union to Japan, Tokyo)
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■ Educational Achievements
● Special note of person who has experience of business
1. 2008/07/02~2011/03/31 Ambassador, DCM, Mission of Japan to the EU
■ Professional Achievements
● Special note of person who has experience of business
1. 2008/07/01~2011/03/31 Ambassador DCM, Mission of Japan to the EU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
● Other note that should be mentioned specially on duty
1. Annual Japan EU Confrence(Brussels) Link
■ Research Topics, Funded Research, and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
1.   CSBMs in Regional Security Institutions  (Key Word : )
2.   CSCE/OSCE  (Key Word : )
3.   EU  (Key Word : )
4.   NATO  (Key Word : )
5. 1989/09~1989/09  Japanese Research in Diplomatic History of Continental Europe  (Key Word : )
■ Social Activities
1. 1998/06~ Annual Japan EU Conference
■ researchmap "Other"
1. 1998/06 Annual Japan EU Conference: Based on the initiative of a Belgium scholar of International Politics, since 1998, I have co-organized the Annual Japan EU Conference in Brussels, 1n 2015 for the eighteenth time. These events have involved statesmen, senior diplomats and Eurocrats, as well as scholars and think-tankers. Successive conferences have been opened to the public and have promoted Japan EU policy dialogues, things that are beneficial for educational and research activities. Five monographs in English have been pubished.