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  OZAWA, Ikumi
   Senior Lecturer
   Japanese Language Programs, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
1. 1993/04~1997/08 Comparative Culture, Graduate School, Division of Comparative Culture, International Christian University, Accomplished credits for doctoral program
2. 1991/04~1993/03 Comparative Culture, Graduate School, Division of Comparative Culture, International Christian University, Completed, Master of Arts (Comparative Culture)
3. 1987/04~1991/03 Division of Languages, Faculty of Liberal Arts, International Christian University, Graduated
■ #Professional Background
1. 2014/07~2014/07 Lecturer for Intensive Seminar, Rikkyo University
2. 2012/09~2013/08 Head, Language Program, Summer Courses in Japanese, International Christian University
3. 2011/04~ International Christian Universtiy (Lecturer)
4. 2010/09~ Rikkyo University, Part time lecturer
5. 2009/09~2011/08 Faculty Development Committee, Committee Member, International Christian University
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■ #Present Specialized Fields
Japanese language education, Japanese linguistics, Education, Japanese literature (Key Word:Japanese literature,Japanese linguistics,Education,Returnee,Heritage language learner,Japanese-language teachers,Expertise of teachers,Protocol,PAC analysis,Qualitative research,SEM,program evaluation) 
■ #Books and Articles
1. Article Significance and Possibilities of Developmental Evaluation to Utilize for Japanese Language Program Management (Collaboration) 2016
2. Article Exploring Teachers' Beliefs of Experienced Korean Teachers of Japanese-Language :The Findings of PAC Analysis on "Good Japanese Teacher" (Collaboration) 2015/03
3. Article How Study Overseas Experience Prior to Japan Appears on the Learners’ Responses to Reading Materials for Japanese Language Education:Findings from Longitudinal PAC analysis interviews to Two Learners of Japanese (Collaboration) 2015
4. Article Japanese Language Education Considering Learning After Study Abroad (Collaboration) 2015
5. Article An Experienced Teacher’s Narrative on a Japanese Language Class and the Teacher’s Beliefe Behind It: Multi-Methods Combined Analysis (Collaboration) 2014/03
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■ #Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2014/12/06 Internationalization of Univeristy and Program Evaluation: How Do We Evaluate the Contribution of the Japanese Language Education Program (Rikkyo University Japanese Language Education Center 2014 Internationalization of University and Program Evaluation: How Do We Evaluate the Contribution of the Japanese Language Education Program)
2. 2014/10/12 How Study Oversea Experience Appears on the Learners’ Responses to Reading Materials for Japanese Language Education (2014 Autumn Conference of NIHONGO KYOIKU GAKKAI)
3. 2014/07/11 Teachers Belief of Chinese Novice Teachers of Japanese Language on “Good Japanese Language Teachers”: Analysis Focusing on Beliefs on Japan and Japanese Culture (Sydney International Conference on Japanese Language Education 2014,)
4. 2014/07/05 On What Experienced Teacher A Focused When Observing a Class and How She Narrated About It (23rd Annual Conference of the Japanese Language Teaching Association in honor of Professor Fumiko KOIDE)
5. 2013/12/21 Internationalization of Univeristy and Program Evaluation (Rikkyo University Japanese Language Education Center 2013 Symposium “What Oversea Universities Expect Japanese Language Education Institutions”)
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■ #Lectures
1. 2014/08 Japanese Language Education for University Students Who are Heritage Speakers of Japanese: Curriculum, Placement, Teaching Material Development, and Teaching Plans (International Christian University,)
2. 2003/10 ROUND TABLE: A Meeting of Minds - Bringing Computers and Teacher Education together
3. 2002/05 Situated Learning and Communicative Language Teaching (as a panel of panel discussion "Situated Approach and Research on Japanese Language Education)
4. 1997/11 Japanese Language Course for Returnee Students in ICU: Objects, Goals, Syllabi, Teaching Materials, and Class Activities of the Course and Future Perspectives
■ #Academic Society Memberships
1. Mother Tongue, Heritage Language, and Bilingual Education (MHB) Research Association
2. 2007~ PAC Analysis Society of Japan
3. 2012/06~ A Society for Narrative and Qualitative Studies
4. 2011/10~ Japan Evaluation Society
5. 2010~ Intercultural Education Society of Japan
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■ Educational Achievements
● Made textbook and teaching material
1. 2010/02 Sogo Nichigo Vol.2 (Revised)
● Announcement concerning education
1. 2005/02/01~2005/02/01 Use of IT in Japanese Language Education 1 Part 2
■ Professional Achievements
● Other note that should be mentioned specially on duty
1. Teaching Japanese language to both foreign students and Japanese students from novice to native-level learners. While teaching, I concern what Japanese language education means and what role a teacher must take.As a researcher, I have engaged in teacher education, program evaluation and curriculum development, reconsideration of Japanese language education from social constructionism and cognitive linguistics.As for the research method, I utilize both qualitative method and quantitative one (ie. PAC analysis, SEM, protocol analysis).
■ #Research Topics, Funded Research, and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
1. 2009/04~2012/03  Qualitative and Quantitative Research on Teachers' Beliefs: Exploration ofNeeds for Overseas Non-native Japanese-Language Teacher Education  (Key Word : )
2. 2007/10~2011/03  A Study To Clarify Practical Thinking of Japanese Language Teachers By Applications of "On Going Method" and "Personal Attitude Construct Analysis"  (Key Word : )
3. 2009/04~2012/03  Development of HERITAGE LANGUAGE DATABASE and the training of heritage language researchers  (Key Word : )
4. 2007/04~2011/03  A study about the relation between the Japanese learners' factor and the influence of Japanese reading textbooks by using PAC-analysis  (Key Word : )
■ #Social Activities
1. 2004/01~2004/12 Publishing "Healing the Hearts and Minds of Disaster Victims (A Booklet in Persian)"
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