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  ERDELYI, Tanya L.
   Instructor by Contractual Appointment
   English for Liberal Arts Program, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
1. 2015/01~ 〔Doctoral course〕, Applied Linguistics, Graduate Program, Division of Education, Temple University, Japan, Ph.D.
2. 2010/09~2012/04 〔Master degree program〕, TESOL (Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in Education), Graduate Program, Division of Education, Temple University, Japan, Completed, M.S.Ed
■ #Professional Background
1. 2012/04~2014/03 Special Lecturer, English Education, Toyo Gakuen University
2. 2008/04~2011/03 Lecturer, Cross Cultural Communication, Kanagawa university
3. 2007/10~2012/03 Materials and Curricula Coordinator, English Language Education Council (ELEC)
■ Profile
Membership Chair for the Yokohama branch of JALT from November 2012 to November 2014
■ #Books and Articles
1. Article EAP Materials Piloting: Process, Choices, and Framework (Collaboration) 2015/09
2. Article Output in a content-based classroom (Single) 2014/07
3. Article Motivating university students in an English speaking class (Single) 2013/03
4. Article Teaching the academic word list (Single) 2013/03
5. Article Teaching and encouraging modals: A study of one learner's use of should (Collaboration) 2012/09
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■ #Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2016/02/07 Expanding classroom communities with internet-based communication groups (TUJ Colloquium)
2. 2016/01/31 Quick and easy warm-up activities (ETJ Tokyo Expo)
3. 2013/11/03 English through comics (ETJ Tokyo Expo)
4. 2013/10/27 Coming, keeping and working together: Fostering autonomous learning in a Japanese university (JALT National)
5. 2013/02/23 Switching on their English brains (CAM TESOL)
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■ #Academic Society Memberships
1. 2013/09~ Japan Association for Self-Access Learning (JASAL)
2. 2011/01~ Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
3. 2011/12~2014/11 ∟ Recording Secretary for Yokohama Chapter
4. 2012/11~2014/11 ∟ Membership Chair for Yokohama Chapter
5. 2014/11~ ∟ Executive Board Member for Yokohama Chapter (Member at Large)
■ #Teaching Experience
1. English Conversation(Toyo Gakuen University)
2. English Conversation and Business English(Kanagawa University)
3. English Conversation and Business English(English Language Education Council (ELEC))
■ #Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research Researcher Number