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  ブラウン,ベルナルド エンリケ   BROWN, Bernardo Enrique
  ブラウン, ベルナルド エンリケ
   所属   国際基督教大学教養学部 アーツ・サイエンス学科
   職種   准教授(新職階制度)
■ 学歴
1. 2007/08~2013/07 Cornell University Graduate School, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Cultural Anthropology 卒業 Ph.D.
2. 2007/08~2009/12 Cornell University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Cultural Anthropology 卒業 M.A.
3. 2004/01~2006/04 New School for Social Research New School for Social Engagement International Affairs 卒業 M.A.
4. 1994/08~1999/12 Universidad de Buenos Aires Faculty of Social Science Political Science 卒業 Licenciado
■ 職歴
1. 2014/11~2017/08 Research Fellow, National University of Singapore Asia Research Institute
2. 2013/10~2014/09 Postdoctoral Fellow, Leiden University International Institute for Asian Studies
■ 現在の専門分野
Religious Mobility, Anthropology of Christianity, Asian Catholicism, Transnational Migration, Religious Networks (キーワード:Cultural Anthropology) 
■ プロフィール
I am an anthropologist specialized in the culture and history of Catholic Sri Lanka and more broadly on the Anthropology of Christianity in South and Southeast Asia.

My current project is titled “Religious Elites & Mobility: Catholic Priestly Formation in South and Southeast Asia.” The project is an exploration of religious networks in Asia focused on the education of Catholic priests in Singapore and Sri Lanka. Its main objective is to examine the circulation of religious specialists, educators and students who come to these centers of religious learning to train or be trained in the theological, doctrinal, ritual and pastoral aspects of the priesthood. The project emphasizes how technologies of mobility and networks that enable circulation have contributed to the historic consolidation of Catholic communities across the region, and are currently shaping the future of the Church in Asia.

For my doctoral studies I conducted ethnographic fieldwork along the western coast of Sri Lanka with Sinhalese-speaking Catholic fishermen who abandon their occupation to embark on labor migration to Italy. My dissertation examined how their Italian experience impacted material and moral aspects of family and community life upon return, emphasizing how a changing local landscape marked by individualism and market liberalism, often had more disruptive consequences on South Asian life-worlds than migration itself.

New research initiatives include a collaborative research project on the theme of Intersecting Religious Mobilities in Southeast Asia. For this initiative, I am working on two new projects focused on Catholicism in Malaysia and Singapore. The first project focuses on the process of bidding and fundraising for the development of new spaces for worship. The second project is a historical examination of the role of Missions Etrangères de Paris (MEP) in the dissemination and consolidation of Catholicism in Singapore and Malaysia.
■ 主要学科目
Anthropology of Religion; Global Religious Movements; Area Studies in Ethnology; Globalization and Social Change (Grad); Ethnographic Research Methods; Approaches to Human Culture
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 論文  Vocation for Travel. Catholic Priestly Training in Sri Lanka Religion 50(3),pp.636-652 (単著) 2020/08
2. 著書  Global Catholicism in Southeast Asia: Mobilities and Networks SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia 35(2),pp.197 (共著) 2020/05
3. 論文  Introduction to Special Section: Global Catholicism in Southeast Asia: Mobilities and Networks SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia 35(2),pp.197 (共著) 2020/05
4. 論文  Navigating Spatial Constraints in the Religious Landscape of Singapore: A Glimpse into the Religious Real Estate Management of the Catholic Church Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia 35(2) (共著) 2020/05
5. 論文  Unlikely Cosmopolitans: An Ethnographic Reflection on Migration and Belonging in Si Lanka Anthropological Quarterly 91(1),pp.209-236 (単著) 2018/04
■ 学会発表
1. 2021/05/04 Reverse Missionaries: Bringing Sri Lankan Pastoral Care to Italy(Tra oceano Indiano e Mediterraneo)
2. 2021/03/05 Training for an Asian Mission: Catholic Networks of Seminary Formation(Transnational Religious Networks: Alternative Articulations and New Methodologies) Link
3. 2020/01/22 Vocation for Travel: Catholic Seminary Training in Sri Lanka(TUFS- Global Asia Seminar Series)
4. 2019/12/06 Religion and Citizenship in Asia: Christian minority responses to the State(SEASIA Biennial Conference 2019)
5. 2019/11/18 Vocation for Travel: Catholic Seminary training in Sri Lanka(Cornell South Asia Program Lecture Series)
■ 所属学会
1. 2009~ American Anthropological Association
2. 2007~ AISLS- American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies
■ 担当経験のある科目
1. Anthropology of Religion(ICU)
2. Anthropology of Violence(Portland State University)
3. Area Studies in Ethnology (South Asia)(ICU)
4. Ethnographic Research Methods(ICU)
5. Field Training in Anthropology I(ICU)
■ 研究課題・受託研究・科研費
1. 2019/04~2022/03  Vocation for Travel: Catholic Seminary Formation in Sri Lanka WAKATE (キーワード:Religious mobility, Asian Catholicism, religious specialists, priesthood, seminary) WAKATE (キーワード:Religious mobility, Asian Catholicism, religious specialists, priesthood, seminary)
2. 2017/04~2018/04  Religious Mobility in Southeast Asia 国際共同研究 (キーワード:Religious networks)
3. 2016/11~2018/10  Religious Elites and Mobility in South Asia 個人研究 (キーワード:Catholic seminaries mobility)
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