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   Instructor by Contractual Appointment
   Japanese Language Programs, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
1. 2008/08~2010/08 〔Master degree program〕, M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Completed, Master of Arts (Japanese linguistics and pedagogy)
2. 2005/09~2007/05 〔Master degree program〕, Carthage College, Completed, Master of Education (Language Arts)
■ Professional Background
1. 2010/08~2016/06 Lecturer, Oberlin College
2. 2014/06~2014/08 Japanese school instructor, Middlebury College summer language schools
3. 2007/09~2008/06 Adjunct instructor, Lawrence University
■ Present Specialized Fields
Japanese language education 
■ Books and Articles
1. Article Approaches to increasing enrollment in advanced Japanese language courses (Collaboration) 2016/09
2. Article Designing Advanced Courses In Accordance With Students' Various Needs (Collaboration) 2015/11
■ Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2015/03 Applications of ARIS for writing in intermediate Japanese
2. 2009/11 Community Building (Conference of the Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT))
■ Academic Society Memberships
1. American Association of Teachers of Japanese
2. Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese