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  MORIKI, Yoshie

   Senior Associate Professor

   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
Degree Acquisition
Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. (anthropology and demography)
2. 2000/01~2007/05 〔Doctoral course〕, Pennsylvania State University (Anthropology, Demography), Completed,
3. 1997/08~1999/12 〔Master degree program〕, Pennsylvania State University (Anthropology, Demography), Completed,
4. 1993/04~1997/03 Faculty of Modern Culture, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Graduated
■ #Professional Background
1. 2007/04~2009/03 Nihon University Population Research Institute
■ #Present Specialized Fields
Cultural anthropology (Key Word:Cultural anthropology , Demography) 
■ #Main Course Titles
Principles of Anthropology, Demographic Anthropology
■ #Books and Articles
1. Book "Physical Intimacy and Happiness in Japan: Sexless Marriages and Parent-Child Co-sleeping" in Happiness and the Good Life in Japan Happiness and the Good Life in Japan  (Collaboration) 2017/03
2. Book “Sexless Marriages in Japan: Prevalence and Reasons." In Low fertility and Reproductive Health in East Asia   (Collaboration) 2014/10
3. Article <Book Review> Shoko Konishi, Emi Tamaki, & Jun Yoshinaga, Biodemography of Fertility in Japan. The Journal of Population Studies pp.63-65 (Single) 2019/09
4. Book “Demographic Anthropology.”Encyclopedia of Population Science   (Collaboration) 2018/11
5. Article “Impacts of Family Planning and Spousal Relations on Fertility Levels in a Northern Village in Laos,” 13th National Health Research Forum Abstract Book   (Collaboration) 2019/10
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■ #Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2019/10/16 Impacts of Family Planning and Spousal Relations on Fertility Levels in a Northern Village in Laos (The 13th national Health research Forum)
2. 2019/06/02 Revisiting frequencies of sexual intercourse among Japanese couples: On conceiving the 2nd child
3. 2018/03 Close Relationships among Family Members: Towards a Comparative Study of America, Japan, and Southeast Asian Countries
4. 2017/06/10 “Frequencies of Sexual Intercourse and Intimate Relationships among Japanese Couples: Impacts of Cultural Context" (Population Association of Japan)
5. 2016/10/30 Coupling and Reproductive Ethics in Japan (The 10th International Conference on Applied Ethics: The Past, Present and Future of Applied Ethic)
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■ #Lectures
1. 2019/04/10 Kawanoji-Sleeping Practice and Sexuality in Japanese Families (東京)
■ #Academic Society Memberships
1. 2013/04~ International Union for Scientific Study of Population
2. 2009/12~ Asian Population Association
3. 2009/04~ The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
4. 2007/03~ American Anthropological Association
5. 2007/03~ Population Association of America
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■ #Research Topics, Funded Research, and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
1. 2019/10~2022/03  Have Innovation and Environmental Chemicals Increased Infertility?  (Key Word : )
2. 2017/04~2020/03  Population Dynamics, Reproduction and Livelihood Changes in Small-Scale Comunities of Laos  (Key Word : )
3. 2012/04~2016/03  Mothering in Japanese Society: Its Cultural Value  (Key Word : )
■ #E-Mail Addresses
■ #Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research Researcher Number