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  ISHIBASHI, Keisuke

   Associate Professor (New rank system)

   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
1. 2005/07
Degree Acquisition
The University of Tokyo, Ph.D. in information science and technology
2. 1993/04~1995/03 〔Master degree program〕 Mathematical Institute, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Tohoku University, Completed, M.S.
3. 1989/04~1993/03 Mathematical Institute, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University, Graduated, B.S.
■ #Professional Background
1. 2018/09~ Associate Professor (New rank system), Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
2. 2017/04~2018/09 Guest Professor, Osaka University
3. 1995/04~2018/08 NTT
■ #Present Specialized Fields
Information network, Communication and network engineering, Information security 
■ #Main Course Titles
Computer Network, Network Data Analytics
■ #Books and Articles
1. Article Extendable NFV-Integrated Control Method Using Reinforcement Learning IEICE Transactions on Communications vol.E103-B(no.8) (Collaboration) 2020/08 Link
2. Article Modeling Upper Layer Reaction to QoS Degradation as a Congestion Avoidance Mechanism (in advance publication)   (Collaboration) 2020/04 Link
3. Article WebAPI Design for Providing Machine Learning Based Network Anomaly Detection Technology  pp.343-355 (Collaboration) 2019/05 Link
4. Article Inferring Latent Traffic Demand with Modeling QoS Degradation Effect IEICE Transactions on Communications vol.E102-B(no.4),pp.790-798 (Collaboration) 2019/04 Link
5. Article Proactive Failure Detection Learning Generation Patterns of Large-scale Network Logs IEICE Transaction on Communications vol.E102-B(no.2),pp.306-316 (Collaboration) 2019/02
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■ #Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2021/06 Evaluating Incentives for RPKI Adoption through Simulation
2. 2020/07 Routing and Capacity Optimization Based on Estimated Latent OD Traffic Demand (The 8th IEEE International Workshop on Architecture, Design, Deployment & Management of Networks & Applications (ADMNET2020))
3. 2019/11 Estimating Latent Origin Destination Traffic Based on Link Packet Loss Ratio and Traffic Volume (Workshop on Internet Architecture and Applications 2019)
4. 2019/03 Inferring Latent Traffic Demand Offered to an Overloaded Link with Modeling QoS-Degradation Effect (20-th Non-parametric statistical analysis and Bayesian statistics)
5. 2018/08 Human-Assisted Online Anomaly Detection with Normal Outlier Retraining (ACM SIGKDD 2018 Workshop on Outlier Detection De-constructed)
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■ #Lectures
1. 2017/11 Network Management Empowered by AI
2. 2014/09 Proactive Network Operation through Network Data Analytics
■ #Academic Society Memberships
1. 2018~ JSSST
2. 2001~ IEEE
3. 1996~ IEICE
■ #Academic Awards
1. 2019/06 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) IEICE Best Paper Award (Separating Predictable and Unpredictable Flows via Dynamic Flow ining for Effective Traffic Engineering)
■ #Committees and Societies
1. 2020/02~ The 21st Asia-Pacific Network Operation and Management Symposium (APNOMS 2020) Technical Program Committee
2. 2019/11~ International Teletraffic Congress ITC 32 Technical Program Committee
3. 2019/06~2020/01 The 34th International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN 2020) General Vice Co-chairs
4. 2018/06~ JSSST Director
5. 2017/11~2018/04 The Third IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Analytics for Network and Service Management (AnNet 2018) Technical Program Committee
■ #E-Mail Addresses
■ #Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research Researcher Number