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  DAWSON, Walter P.
   Associate Professor
   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
1. 2005/05/18
Degree Acquisition
Columbia University, Teachers College, Ph.D
2. 1999/05/18
Degree Acquisition
Columbia University, Teachers College, M.A.
3. 1994/06/01
Degree Acquisition
, B.A.
■ #Present Specialized Fields
Sociology of education, Area studies, Politics, International relations (Key Word:Policy,Japan,South Korea,China,Development,ODA,Aid,Education,Cambodia) 
■ #Books and Articles
1. Article Dawson. W. (2011). The CCDT Model of Education Transfer: Examining the Case of Multilingual Education in Cambodia. Educational Studies, No. 53. (Single) 2011
2. Article Dawson, W. (2010). Private tutoring and mass schooling in East Asia: Reflections of inequality in Japan, South Korea, and Cambodia. In Asia Pacific Education Review, 11, 1. (Single) 2010
3. Article Dawson, W.P. (2007). Indigenous Highlanders and ‘Oralcy’ in the Banleung Market: A Micro-Discourse Analysis of Market Power in Cambodia. In The Journal of Social Science, 64 COE Special Edition. (Single) 2008
4. Article Dawson, W.P. (2007). Mythologies of Education: A New Theory for Political Socialization in Education. In Educational Studies, No. 49. (Single) 2007
5. Article Dawson, W.P. (2006). The Tampuan People’s Need for Khmer “Oralcy” – Livelihood and Literacy Education in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia. In The Journal of Social Science, 57 COE Special Edition. (Single) 2006
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■ #Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2013/03 East-East Transfer: A Comparison of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese funded Education Projects in Cambodia
2. 2012/03 Comparison of East-East Policy Discourse on ODA to Cambodia
3. 2011/10 International Cooperation for Higher Education in Asia: East Asian ODA to Cambodia
4. 2011/05 Comparative Mythography: A New Approach to the Study of Global Discourse as Myth
5. 2010/03 “Comparative Mythography: Toward a (post-)structural analytical framework for global educational discourse,” paper presented at the Comparative and International Education Society in Chicago, March 2010.
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■ Professional Achievements
● Other note that should be mentioned specially on duty
1. I teach classes related to education in asia (Cambodia, SE Asia, Japan, South Korea) and related policies, practices, and reform movements. In a similar vein my research focuses on the transfer of education policies and practices from East Asia (Japan, South Korea, and China) to Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, etc.) and the implications for international relations and ODA.
■ #Research Topics, Funded Research, and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
1. 2012~2015  Comparing Asian and “Western” Bilateral Aid Institutions: Convergence and Divergence in the Global Movement for Educational Expansion  (Key Word : )