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  KOE, Julian R.


   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
1. 1989
Degree Acquisition
The University of Exeter, Ph.D (Chemistry)
2. 1986
Degree Acquisition
The University of Exeter, B.Sc. (Chemistry and Law Combined Honours)
■ #Professional Background
1. 2012/04~2014/03 Chair, Department of Material Science
2. 2010/04~2011/08 Director, International Educational Exchange, International Christian University
■ #Main Course Titles
Exp Approach to Natural Science, Concepts in Chem, Foundation of Chem Lab, Inorganic Chem 1, Inorganic Chem 3, Inorganic Chem Lab, Studies Environmental Science, Concepts in Polymer Chem
■ #Books and Articles
1. Article Contemporary Polysilane Synthesis and Functionalisatio Polym (58),pp.255-260 (Single) 2009
2. Article Polysilanes "Inorganic Polymers," pp.Chapter 5 (85 pages). (Single) 2007
3. Article Organopolysilanes Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III (3),pp.pp 549-650 (Single) 2006
4. Article Chirality Control in Optically Active Polysilane Aggregates J. Am. Chem. Soc (126),pp.13822-13826. (Collaboration) 2004
■ #Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2008/01/01 Cyclotetrasilane Conformations: Puckered Or Planar? ("15th International Symposium on Organosilicon Chemistry, Jeju")
2. 2006/11/10 Switching Off the Pi Effect? ("11th Si Symp., Gunma, Japan")
3. 2005/07/31 Synthesis and Ionochromism of Polyalkylarylsilanes Bearing Oligo(Oxyethylene) Moieties on the Phenyl Rings ("14th Int'l. Sym. Organosilicon Chemistry, Wurzburg")
4. 2005/03/21 Ordered Helices in Chiral s-conjugated Polysilanes (21-25 Mar 2005 Meeting of American Physical Society)
5. 2004/10/28 Towards the Synthesis of Alkynyl-substituted Polysilanes ("9th Si Symp., Tokyo, Japan")
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■ #Lectures
1. 2009/03/10 Faculty Development at ICU
2. 2008/10/27 Rewarding Research in Companies and Universities Around the World
3. 2008/07/09 "Polysilanes: Synthesis, Conformation and Chirality of Silicon Polymer's"
4. 2008/07/07 "Coiling a Silicon Snake - Polysilanes: Synthesis, Conformation and Chirality of Silicon Polymers"
5. 2008/03/25 Taking Silicon Chemistry to New Heights
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■ #Academic Society Memberships
1. Royal Society of Chemistry CChem. MRSC CSci
2. 1999/04~2017/03 Society of Silicon Chemistry of Japan
■ Educational Achievements
● Matter that should be mentioned specially in others educational activity
1. Committee for International Programs
2. Director of International Educational Exchange Office from Feb 2009
3. Head of NS Safety Committee from Autumn 2007
4. Osawa Dai Shougakko Primary School and Osawa Gakuen: give classes in English culture and language
5. Public Relations work for university (high school visit; virtual class video; NSPR committee)
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■ #Social Activities
1. 2005/04~ Member of Mitaka City Round Table (advises Mitaka City Council on issues relating to foreign residents)
2. 2003/04~ Advisor to ICU Ballroom Dance Circle
3. 2003/04~ Coordinator of International Mass in English at Chofu Catholic Church
■ #Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research Researcher Number