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  HIBIYA, Junko
   Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
■ Academic Background
1. 1983/09~1988/05 Linguistics, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Pennsylvania, Completed, Ph. D.
2. 1980/04~1982/03 Linguistics, Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language, Sophia University, Completed
3. 1976/04~1980/03 Department of French Language and Studies, Faculty of Foreign Language, Sophia University, Graduated
■ #Professional Background
1. 2013/04~2017/03 GLS Director, International Christian University
2. 2012/04~2020/03 President, International Christian University
3. 2011/04~2011/09 Director, Peace Research Institute, International Christian University
4. 2008/04~2012/03 Vice President for Academic Affairs, International Christian University
5. 2008/04~2012/03 Director, Integrated Learning Center, International Christian University
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■ #Present Specialized Fields
Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics, Japanese Language Education (Key Word:Phonology,Sociolinguistics,Language Variation and Change,Phonetics) 
■ #Books and Articles
1. Book First steps in Sociolinguisics (Collaboration) 2012/02
2. Book First Steps in English Linguistics (Collaboration) 2003
3. Book Variationist sociolinguistics. A Handbook of Japanese Linguistics (Collaboration) 1999
4. Book Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Collaboration) 1997
5. Book People of Japanese Descent in the Americas (Collaboration) 1995
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■ #Academic Conference Presentation
1. 2012/08/03 The velar nasal in Japanese revisited (NWAV Asia-Pacific 2)
2. 2006/11/02 Migration, language and gender (Gender: Sociolinguistic Approaches, Symposium at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University)
■ #Lectures
1. 2007/11 The velar nasal in Tokyo Japanese: Methodological issues
2. 2006/11 The velar nasal in Tokyo Japanese: a change nearing completion
3. 2005/11 Language shift in Canada: Aspects of a language contact variety in its social context
4. 2005/08 The velar nasal in Japanese: an analysis of CSJ
5. 2005/01 Language shift in Canada: CCR in Japanese-Canadian English
■ #Committees and Societies
1. 2015/02~ Central Council of Education
■ #Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research Researcher Number