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  スミス,ガイ A.   SMITH, Guy A.
  スミス, ガイ A.
   所属   国際基督教大学教養学部 リベラルアーツ英語プログラム(ELA)
   職種   インストラクター
■ 学歴
University of Technology Sydney English Language Teaching
2. 1987/12/12
The University of Auckland B.A. (Major in Asian Studies)
■ 現在の専門分野
教育心理学, 外国語教育 (キーワード:Critical thinking and cognitive bias / Self Determination Theory / Motivational theories / Well Being / Ed-tech) 
■ プロフィール
I am a member of 2 special interest groups in JALT, Critical Thinking in Language Learning and Teacher Development. I am also a member of The Writing Centers Association of Japan, focusing on developing a higher level of academic writing excellence in Japan.
■ 主要学科目
Academic Reading and Writing
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 論文  A Starting Point for Mixed-Mode Classes - ICU FD Newsletter  (単著) 
2. 論文  Exploring Debiasing Strategies to Improve Small Group Reasoning and Decision Making Outcomes - Language Research Bulletin 35,pp.75-83 (共著) 2021/01
3. 論文  Critical Thinking and Debiasing: Experimentation in an Academic Writing Course - JALT2019 Postconference Publication 2019(2019.1),pp.443-450 (共著) 2020/08 Link
4. 論文  Introducing a Peer Review System Targeting Shared Understanding and Actionable Feedback - Language Research Bulletin 34,pp.47-53 (単著) 2020/03 Link
5. 論文  Decoding Classroom Behaviors with Self Determination Theory - Language Research Bulletin 33,pp.44-51 (単著) 2019/03 Link
■ 学会発表
1. 2021/09/11 The Future of Critical Thinking at College - Countering Cognitive Bias(College and University Educators 2021 Conference)
2. 2021/06/05 Mitigating Cognitive Bias in a Critical Thinking Program(7th Annual Conference on Global higher Education at Lakeland University)
3. 2021/02/07 Searching for a Theoretical Framework to Mitigate and Prevent Cognitive Bias in the Classroom;Guidelines for Teachers(CAMTesol 2021)
4. 2021/01/23 Research Supported Approaches for Teachers to Explore Mitigating and Preventing Cognitive Bias in their Classrooms(2021 Meisei University Professional Development Forum)
5. 2020/11/27 Exploring Integration of Debiasing into EFL Critical Thinking Teaching Approaches(Asia TEFL 2020)
■ 講師・講演
1. 2016/12/10 お互いの国の違いや良さを認めて
2. 2016/08/13 Critical Thinking - Be an Expert(ICU)
■ 所属学会
1. 2008/04~ Japan Association of Language Teachers
2. 2009/04~ Teacher Development Special Interest Group
3. 2012/04~ Critical Thinking Special Interest Group
4. 2015/02~ The Writing Centers Association of Japan
5. 2020/04 Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group Link
■ 担当経験のある科目
1. Empowerment Program for Teachers(International Student Advisor)
2. Global Leadership Studies(International Christian University) Link
3. Teaching English Through English(International Christian University)
■ 職務上の実績
1. 2016/04/01~ Reviewer for the Teacher Development Special Interest Group Publication, "Explorations in Teacher Education"
2. 2017/03/06~2017/03/06 Co-organizer of the Writing Centers Association of Japan Ninth Symposium at ICU Link
1. Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Self Determination Theory, Critical Thinking
■ 資格・免許
1. 2016/07/07 Google Certified Educator Level 1
2. 2016/09/15 Google Certified Educator Level 2 (Advanced)
■ 研究課題・受託研究・科研費
1.   Critical thinking and cognitive bias, Self Determination Theory and well being in educational contexts, ed-tech.  
■ 科研費研究者番号