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  ナギ,スティーブン R.   NAGY, Stephen R.
  ナギ, スティーブン R.
   所属   国際基督教大学教養学部 アーツ・サイエンス学科
   職種   上級准教授
■ 学歴
Waseda University Ph.D.
早稲田大学 Ph.D.
Waseda University M.A.
早稲田大学 M.A.
5. 1994/05
University of Calgary Bachelor of Science
■ 職歴
1. 2018/01~ Fellow, Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) Link
2. 2018/09~ Visiting Fellow, Japan Institute for International Affairs Link
3. 2019/01~ Honorary Research Fellow, East Asia Security Centre (EASC) Bond University, Australia Link
4. 2017/12~2020/12 特別研究員, アジア太平洋基金、カナダ Link
■ 現在の専門分野
International relations, Politics, Area studies (キーワード:International relations of the Indo-Pacific, Sino-Japanese relations, Japan-US-China relations, Indo-Pacific regional integration、regionalism, non-traditional security) 
■ プロフィール


■ 主要学科目
Politics and International Relations in China, Regionalism in East Asia, Chinese Foreign Policy: From history to practice, Research Methodology and Design, Introduction to Foreign Policy
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 著書  Canada Asia–Pacific Relations: Transforming into a Middle Power Indo-Pacific Stakeholder The Palgrave Handbook of Canada in International Affairs  (共著) 2021/05 Link
2. 論文  Indo-Pacific Resilience, Prosperity and Stability: Canada’s Capabilities-led Approach to Strategic Free and Open Indo-Pacific Engagement Policy Perspective, Canadian Global Affairs Institute  (単著) 2021/03
3. 論文  Sino-Japanese Reactive Diplomacy as Seen Through the Interplay of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) and the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Vision (FOIP) China Report 57(1),pp.7-21 (単著) 2021/02 Link
4. 論文  IN WAR WITH SMILES: THUS ToKYŌ DREAMS OF AMERICA/ IN GUERRA COL SORRISO: COSÌ TŌKYŌ SOGNA L’AMERICA Italian review of Geopolitics. 2021(1),174-179頁 (単著) 2021/02 Link
5. 論文  Japan’s most consequential, lucky, and divisive post-WW2 leader Melbourne Asia Review 2020(5),pp.1-11 (単著) 2021/01 Link
■ 学会発表
1. 2021/03/03 Indo-Pacific Resilience, Prosperity and Stability: Canada’s Capabilities-led Approach to Strategic Free and Open Indo-Pacific Engagement(SUPPORT US Canadian and Japanese FOIP Visions: Purpose, Form, and Practice) Link
2. 2021/01/22 Japanese Perspectives on the US and the Indo-Pacific Region,(The Biden Administration and U.S. Global Strategy)
3. 2020/12/21 「パワー・トランジション時代の『新ミドル・パワー外交』」(Diplomatic Roundtable) Link
4. 2020/12/20 Japan's Hong Kong Conundrum, the future of Hong Kong and the "China Dream"(Questioning the Idea of a "Small Nation" in East Asian Contexts) Link
5. 2020/09/03 US Engagement in Southeast Asia(Southeast Asia: A strategic region for competition and power rivalry) Link
■ 講師・講演
1. 2019/08/08 Japanese-based perspective on Canada's opportunities in the world's third largest economy and what the west needs to do to realize these opportunities(Calgary, Canada)
2. 2019/07/25 Chinese Foreign Policy in an Era of Geo-technological rivalry: Beyond the Trade War and Huawei(Calgary, Canada)
3. 2019/07/24 Middle Powers in the Indo-Pacific(Macdonald Laurier Institute, Ottawa, Canada) Link
4. 2019/07/17 “Japan’s Leadership on the Global Stage in an Era of Populism”(Vancouver, Canada)
5. 2019/07/16 Converging and Diverging Interest in the Indo-Pacific: Balancing National Interests in an Era of Great Power Rivalry(Vancouver, Canada) Link
■ 職務上の実績
1. 2014年9月より国際基督教大学に就任。2009年12月から2014年1月までに香港中文大学日本研究学科助教授に就任した。2008年12月早稲田大学アジア太平洋研究科国際関係博士取得。2009年からの資金研究プロジェクト:『2012年領土問題直後の日中関係:日本のビジネスが中国における貿易と投資戦略の変更調査』、『東アジアにおける非伝統的安全保障の協調』『日本における人間安全保障のパラダイム:東北アジアにおける国際協力の挑戦及び可能性調査』関心のある研究テーマ:東北アジアの国際関係、日中関係、アジアの地域統合及び地域主義に関するテーマ。アジア地域統合の研究を行っているので、2010年3月より早稲田大学「アジア地域統合のための世界的人材育成拠点」シニアフェローを兼任。香港中文大学香港アジア太平洋研究所国際問題研究センター研究員も兼任。
■ 研究課題・受託研究・科研費
1. 2017/04~  Japan's Grand Strategy?: Chinese interpretations of Japanese Foreign Policy i C (キーワード:Sino-Japanese relations, international relations)
2. 2014/05~  Chinese perceptions of Japanese Foreign Policy in post Cold War Period ICU Endowment to Support Research (キーワード:China, Japanese Foreign Policy, Perceptions, Cold War)
3. 2016/05~  Sino-Japanese relations in the 21st Century: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities 機関内共同研究 (キーワード:Sino-Japanese relations, territorial disputes, trade)
4. 2013/05~2014/01  Sino-Japanese Relations in the Wake of the 2012 Territorial Disputes: Investigating changes in Japanese Business’ trade and investment strategy in China Chinese University of Hong Kong Direct Grant (キーワード:Sino-Japanese relations, territorial disputes, trade)
5. 2013/01~2014/01  Restoration after 3.11: pain, suffering, memory and trauma Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF), Chinese University of Hong Kong (キーワード:3/11, non-traditional security cooperation, regionalism)
■ ホームページ
   Linkedin Profile
■ 主な作品
Talk at Eurasia Group's G-Zero Next Generation Leaders Council
Visit to Beijing with students in Young Japanese Leaders Development Project
Group photo of speakers for the "Symposium on the role of middle power countries in an era of uncertainty" at The Embassy of Canada and the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) of the International Christian University
Graduate students and I at the Canadian Embassy working together on a Free and Open Indo-Pacific vision report
Hosting a conference at the Canadian Embassy, Tokyo on Middle Powers
■ 科研費研究者番号
■ researchmapその他
1. 2021/03 China Brief, Canada West Foundation March 9th, 2021 Link
2. 2021/02 Nagy, S.R. 2021. "RESOLVED: Japan Should Increase Pressure to Support Democracy in Hong Kong," in Debating Japan Vol. 4 Issue 1. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). February 25th, 2021. ( Link
3. 2021/02 Nagy, S.R. 2021. "Japan’s Indo-Pacific vision is a template for Canada," in The Japan Times. February 25th, 2021. ( Link
4. 2021/02 Nagy, S.R. and M. Cogan. 2021. "PacNet #8 – Rebooting the UN-US Partnership: Global Goals Require Indo-Pacific Focus," PacNet, Pacific Forum. February, 8th, 2021. ( Link
5. 2021/01 Nagy, S.R. 2021 "How will Biden deal with China?Japan-China ties," in The Japan Times. January 23rd, 2021. Link